Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Come on in!

Welcome! I am so glad you've come to my kitchen. Re-creating recipes from the past in a modern setting is a passion for me, so much so that I got a degree in medieval and Renaissance culinary history! I believe that feeding the body must be paired with feeding the soul. We are what we eat, as they say. Food made with love breeds love.

 I look forward to sharing delicious recipes from the Byzantine Empire, as well as other places during the same time period. The foods we love today were traded through Constantinople. Spices, fruits, even sugar, came through the Byzantine Empire. Our Byzantine ancestors were, indeed, on top of the spice trade, and they created many of the foods we enjoy today. Marzipan was created during the Empire, and the first recipes to mix sweet and savory came from that period as well. They were the first to use saffron for cooking, and the first to use rosemary and mint on lamb. Even caviar came from the Empire!

 I hope that the recipes here will encourage you to try and make a medieval dish in your very modern kitchen. Perhaps you have access to a true fire to cook over, which would make it that much more realistic. No matter the heat source, you can create ancient recipes in your very own kitchen with very modern cookware.


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