Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Long Time, No See

I've been away from this blog for what seems like aeons. Between endless health problems, deaths of family, and trying to get my feet under me from another move, I've been lax at everything in my life recently.

I haven't cooked a medieval meal in ages, but I'm determined to get one done for May 11, which is International Byzantine Day!! I'm open to suggestions, but I think it'll be a corned beef, a food that was introduced to Ireland via some brilliant person from the Eastern Roman Empire (arguable, but there's a lot of evidence). Besides, I missed a corned beef for St. Patrick's Day!

I'll add chichees of course, and we'll be eating some foyles for dessert,  black-eyed pea salad (YUM), and a variety of grilled fruit with cheese and bread. I can't wait...it sounds so good!!!

I encourage you to have a look through the Byzantium Novum Culture group on Yahoo. You'll find lots of recipes there!

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